Case Study: Changing careers from a lawyer to a life coach.

Briony, in her own words had a pretty ‘ordinary default trajectory path’ of how her life would look. An honours Law degree, followed by a job at a top tier law firm, saw her happy in an ‘everyday’ kind of way, but deep down she knew she was capable of more.

Through START’s Design programme, we worked with Briony and her ‘life’ stakeholders to uncover more about herself, and the opportunities that she knew she was destined for. We help Briony create a plan that helped her start Untapped – a coaching business that primarily works with young corporates (whilst still working as a lawyer). Three months later, Briony was able to transition out of law and fully immerse herself helping young people realise their potential.

“Before START, I knew I wanted to make a career change but I wasn’t sure what direction to take. Through excellent facilitation and use of external stakeholders I started to discover more about myself and possible opportunities and paths that aligned with me. I developed the clarity and confidence to pursue my true passion and was left with a solid plan to transition out of life as a lawyer and start my new coaching business. START is a unique service which gives you a powerful push in the right direction. Whatever that might be for you!”

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