Case Study; Changing Careers from health & safety to tourism

Julie had done a lot in her career – she’d worked in project management, human resources, training – and even tourism. Somehow she had ended up in health & safety, and when she wondered how, she couldn’t say. It happens sometimes – our careers evolve organically – we get promoted from one job to the next, and suddenly we find ourselves doing something we had never imagined. And we start wondering why?

Her husband on the other hand, had stuck at the same job for nearly 30 years. But the repetitiveness for him was starting to set in.

One weekend, over a glass of wine, they realised the impact their work was having on their lives and relationship. It was weighing heavily and in their late 40s they realised that if they didn’t do something soon, would it ever happen?

So they contacted START and asked if we could help them – both. Together they wanted to explore other options for their future. They had some ideas, but would they work? Would they be worth the risk of both of them quitting their stable jobs for?

Over a full day, we figured out what mattered to them, what their joint skills & values were, and explored a range of ideas. Settling on one – a tourism business that they could do in the beautiful South Island region they live in. Combining their passion for the outdoors and desire to have a more flexible life-style, this business would be worth spending the next year building so they would have the confidence to leave their jobs. Which is exactly what they have done.

“Thank you for coming to the South Island to work with us – you were a gem. We really needed the robustness of your process to distil all our ideas down to something workable, plus you have given us the confidence to work together, highlighting our compatibilities and the risks!”

Sometimes changing your life, takes planning and time. Before you jump, make sure you have a plan that you’ve designed to work, just for you.

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