Melissa Jenner | STANFORD ACCREDITED coach

Making work, work better.

Because there has never been a better time, to do what you love.

"I help organisations, teams and people change how they are working"

Some live a life of constancy, others of curiosity.

My choices in life have been fuelled by my deep desire for two things: learning and impact.

When I look back over my career, the only thing that will matter to me is not whether I won or was the best, but whether I played to learn. I have become known as the ‘pivot-master’ – an intrepid soul who has travelled the world in search of what makes work, work. I have learned lessons from some of the greatest minds in Europe, Wall St, and New Zealand.

I have held senior leadership positions in giant industries like banking, technology and design, and seen first-hand how they have become cyclical in their evolution. And I have harvested my personal triumphs and tragedies and reframed them as tools – for myself and others.

Having found design later in life, I now have clarity on why I work.

My purpose? To enable people to work well.

A designer at heart and by trade, I am now a catalyst of people’s futures. I’m proud to have helped thousands of people design high impact businesses, work and lifestyles, and promise to bring my 3 principles of courage, curiosity and creativity to the table – as I believe that is how we will all collectively grow value.

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