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There has never been a better time, to make work – work better for you. We believe that doing work that is meaningful is possible for everyone. We empower, pivot and up-skill individuals and teams – at all ages and stages - to imagine new careers and new ways of working & leading others.

Personal Programmes

If you are thinking of re-inventing yourself, start with these 5 things.

  1. Define your destination
  2. Know and leverage your personal points of difference
  3. Develop a good narrative
  4. Reintroduce yourself to your network
  5. Prove your worth

Source, Harvard Business Review; 2018

At some stage, we all need to re-set, start again, or just design out of our life the things that are no longer serving us. We believe everyone has higher potential – it’s just about finding the pathway that will work for you. You bring a big dose of courage, and we’ll provide you with the toolbox.

Group Workshops

If you’re facing one of these

  1. Poor manager
  2. Lack of recognition
  3. Overworked
  4. Poor culture
  5. No growth opportunities

You’re not alone. According to inc. magazine, these are the top five reasons people leave their jobs.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next move, there’s no better way than working on it together, with other people on a similar journey. Our group workshops are fun and creative and help people solve problems and creating new options fast and effectively.

Businesses + Teams

Becoming a leader takes courage, as well as creativity. And creativity takes practise.

The most creative leaders rattle cages, listen to their intuition, move fast, have convictions and stick to them, and don’t only do what’s expected of them’.

Does your company - or do you – need more of this?

*Source, Fast Company 2017.

In the new world of work, we need courageous companies to build and grow creative talent. And it’s never been more necessary. The leaders of the future will have authenticity, empathy, creativity and an ability to unlock innovative, higher value pathways for their existing talent. We support companies and leaders to build this capability, with world-leading design methodologies.