There's never been a better time to work differently.

Whether that's in the same company or starting out on a brand new path.

And this is where you start.

Introducing Melissa Jenner : Global Leader in Career Design

Need help sorting out what you need?

Before you can make a choice, you have to know yourself, really well. If you're struggling to gain clarity on why you are stuck, and what you need next, I'll share with you some tools that will bring you insights. And I'll challenge you to make good choices that will help you move forwards.

Struggling to make a choice on what to do next?

Most of us have ideas on what could work for us, but struggle to make good decisions. Increasingly now we face an 'anxiety of options' - so what you need is a good process to sort out what works and what won't. Let's work through that together - as sometimes, an outsider can see things you can't.

Does selling yourself give you anxiety?

It's all very well knowing what you want, but having the confidence to convince others to hire or work with you can be hard. If you're struggling to get your story across easily, and pitch it with confidence, I make it easier with simple tools & experienced coaching advice.

The solution starts, with one single courageous step.  

Sometimes all it takes is a conversation.  My purpose is to help you change your life.  And it starts now. 

Hi, I'm Melissa Jenner

START NOW was founded by me in 2015, out of a deep desire to help others re-build their careers and find new joy after my own experience.

After 25 years working in some of the world’s largest corporations, I realised my identity was enmeshed in my career.  And working like I was, wasn’t working any longer.  Trained in Design Thinking at Stanford d-School, I realised the personal innovation challenge many people face – re-imagining and building a career they love – needed a better process.  So I designed one.

If you’d like to meet me to learn more about my approach, and understand if this is the right programme for you, or just get some quick tips – I’m available. 

You can book a FREE 20mn consult to talk about what’s happening for you, explore options, and hopefully gain one quick thing to start working on!  Plus I can tell you more about “How to Build a Career to Love” and my approach working 1-1 with executives.

Career Coaching Specialist and Start Now Founder Melissa Jenner

Gain access to world-leading tools and advice and start planning your future.

Figuring out if you are in the right job, or what else you could do with your talents, is one of the most complex challenges we face

I've just made it a lot easier.

  • Introduction consult with your Guide: Melissa Jenner, Founder of START Now
  • Agree your personal goals, outcomes and approach
  • Introduction to tools & programme
  1. Setting your VISION

  2. Unpacking your EXPERIENCES

  3. Clarifying your PURPOSE – FREE PREVIEW

  4. Determining your PERSONALITY & VALUES

  5. Ranking your NEEDS

  6. Choosing your CAUSES

  7. Unpacking your SKILLS & CAPABILITIES

  8. Developing your CAREER CANVAS

  9. Time for a check-in?

  1. Determine your PATHWAY

  2. Generating IDEAS

  3. Making a DECISION

  4. Evaluating your RISKS

  5. Completing your CAREER CANVAS

  1. Telling your STORY

  2. Developing a TARGETING plan

  3. Doing your RESEARCH

  4. Making CONTACT

  5. Preparing for an INTERVIEW

  1. Gaining commitment to your plan 

  2. Additional resources for you

  3. Follow-up coaching and support

Designed to meet you where you are getting stuck, and guide you forwards

Because everyone’s journey is personal, I don’t enrol you in a group workshop.  I allow you to work on your ideas privately, taking away the complexity with a world-leading, innovative & proven process. 

You will get full access to all my video tutorials, tools & advice that will help you get started from home, working at your own pace. Then if you need support to navigate your choices, you can book 1-1 career guidance with me directly.

My method is proven to give you:

When you are trying to change your life, you need a good process. And a guide.

There's never been a better time to invest in you. That's why I've made it affordable, and easier than ever, to access world-class career planning. I would recommend choosing the Premium Service, that includes 1:1 career planning, or simply purchase the self-guided online course and work at your own pace.

*All Prices are in AUD as our learning platform (thinkific) does not yet support NZD.​

Career to Love Premium

Online course + 1:1 career guiding with Melissa Jenner
$ 975 one off payment
  • 18 video episodes + activities
  • 3 x hours of 1-1 career guiding
  • FREE set of Values Cards ($59 value)
Brand New!

Online Course

Buy once and save
$ 575 One off payment
  • All 18 guided activities
  • FREE set of Values Cards ($59 value)

Online Course

My full online programme
$ 200 3x monthly payments
  • All 18 guided activities
  • FREE set of Values Cards ($59 value)

Online Course

Split payments by 4
$ 155 4x monthly payments
  • All 18 guided activities
  • FREE set of Values Cards ($59 value)

Single Guided Episodes

Make a quick start, by just buying what you need.
$ 90
  • Choose the activity that suits your needs
  • Pick from 18 guided tutorials & activities

Watch a 5-minute free preview

Want to learn more about the programme and my approach?  Take a sneak peak into our most popular Episode:  PURPOSE and start building a career to love right now!

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