Build a
career to

Is it time to redesign your work life?

Life changes, we evolve – yet often our careers don’t.

When you’ve spent years - or decades - building a career, it can be confronting to realise it's no longer working for you.

As a professional, you’re probably not used to feeling uncertain or anxious.

Yet so many people feel this way about their career.

Considering change comes with significant financial and emotional risk.


That’s why we created this programme.  To help you understand how you’ve changed, reframe how you’re working and make choices with confidence.

Because it’s not just about coming up with ideas — It’s about putting your intentions into action.

Bringing you a world-leading process to navigate your future

If you’re ready to adapt your career to align more with your lifestyle, take advantage of ‘new ways of working’ and gain more fulfilment from your work – then this programme is for you.

Our methodology allows you to unpack insights about yourself, giving you the evidence and support you need to make courageous choices for your future.

We’ll also help you craft a compelling story about your unique value – so that you feel confident and energised to create the change you need.

Aligned with Stanford’s Design Thinking framework, this proprietary methodology represents years of research, providing you with a trusted process to follow at your own pace.


Proven Process


That’s why we created this programme - to help you understand how you’ve changed, reframe how you’re working and make choices with confidence.
  • Set your vision
  • Unpack your experiences
  • Identify your skills and capabilities
  • Clarify your purpose
  • Determine your personality and values
  • Rank your needs
  • Choose your causes
  • Develop your career canvas
  • Generate ideas
  • Design a pathway
  • Evaluate risks
  • Make a decision
  • Complete your career canvas


Develop opportunities and make informed choices with confidence, by crafting an intentional career pathway, reducing risk & complexity.

Take action

Create the resources you need to take action, and position yourself confidently to activate your new career plan.
  • Craft your story
  • Develop a targeting plan
  • Do your research
  • Make contact with an employer
  • Prepare for an interview


Online course
$ 295 NZD - One off payment
  • 1 hour of online tutorials
  • 5 interactive worksheets
  • Risk evaluation methodology
  • Personalised career canvas


Online course
$ 295 NZD - One off payment
  • 1 hour of online tutorials
  • 5 interactive worksheets
  • Personal ‘story’ canvasx
  • CV & cover letter guidelines


Online course
$ 785 NZD - One off payment
  • 4.5 hours of video tutorials
  • 18 downloadable activities
  • Unique set of values cards
  • Access to trusted psychometric tests

Designed for professionals just like you

There’s never been a better time to write your new work story.

Because at some point work becomes no longer just about money or status – it’s also about happiness. And fulfilment. The ability to use your craft for the people and causes you care about.

So – what do you care about? And how can you use your expertise & wisdom to have more impact?

This programme will help you be more intentional and enable you to:

Hundreds of professionals have followed our programme to build careers they love.

And you can too.

● Re-align your work with your new lifestyle and values
● Recover from burnout from doing more meaningful work
● Reduce your ‘anxiety of options’ and choose the right path for you
● Take away the risk of poorly designed career change
● Confidently tell your ‘story’ and successfully transition to a new role or business

“Happiness comes from finding
your craft.”

– Yale Professor Dr. Laurie Santos, The Happiness Lab

Designed by

Career Strategist

Melissa Jenner

Melissa knows what it takes to build a career to love. With of 25 years of global leadership and C-suite experience, Melissa’s breadth of knowledge comes from a corporate background in marketing, fintech, government, education and design.

  • Qualified in Design Thinking from Stanford University, California
  • Qualified in Leadership from Columbia University, New York
  • Qualified in Organisational Agility from Tech Futures Lab, New Zealand
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“I found my purpose after decades working for the wrong companies, doing work I wasn’t meant for. My self- identity was deeply enmeshed in my work. And I had become unhappy, and I didn’t know why. I had lost track of my values, and I was working for causes that didn’t matter to me.

When I stepped off the safe corporate pathway and into the unknown – it all became clear. My creativity returned, and passion for something bigger than me, emerged. And now, I am doing work that I love.”

My mission is to help you find work that you will love. Because it matters.

Book a private Career Strategy Workshop

Melissa hosts tailored workshops for select senior executives, who need the time and space to unpack and design a significant career shift. Working together you will benefit from:

  • Her 20+ years of leading strategy & building senior teams
  • A tailored & personally designed workshop to plan your future in confidence
  • The option to bring in 2-3 ‘life stakeholders’
  • A personal Story, Value Proposition & Career Transition Plan


Online activities + 1-1 Career guiding
$ 1,900 NZD - One off payment
  • Tailored plan to suit your needs
  • Available either online or in-person
  • Personalised Value Proposition
  • Career Transition Plan
  • Ability to create a group workshop for 2-3 life stakeholders

Watch a preview of the programme

Want to learn more about the programme and my approach? Take a sneak peak into how our programme works and start building a career to love right now!

It’s designed for executives who have a lot at stake, and need support securing career choices that are right for them. People who are looking to align their work more with changing lifestyle and values. This course is designed to meet you where you are and give you the tools and confidence to transform your career. Ideally suited for anyone hitting fatigue or burnout and looking for help to navigate towards a new future. Though created for professionals seeking change in their work life, the programme is beneficial for anyone who is looking for better clarity in their career.

No, this course is self-paced. Everyone’s journey is personal, which is why group workshops aren’t included.  Instead, the programme allows you to work on your ideas privately, taking away the complexity with a world-leading, innovative & proven process.

This course gives you a much deserved opportunity for self-reflection and discovery, that is a crucial first step when making a big life decision such as a new job or career. You will learn about your changing values, your personality and work-type, your true capabilities, and learn what future pathways or ‘ways of working’ will work best for you. You will craft a ‘career canvas’ - your unique story of all you have, all you need and what you offer. You will generate and reduce your ideas, and design an action plan to move you forward. You will also get help crafting a powerful market ‘story’ and learn how to target the right business venture or organisation for you.

We’ve designed our content to give you the space you need to find clarity and move forward with confidence.  When you invest in our programme, you’re immediately given access to our full set of resources, designed and tested over 6 years.  You will receive video tutorials and downloadable activities, to work on in your own time. You’ll also be sent a physical pack of  values cards, which are a proven way to help you understand what matters most to you.

Use all of these resources at your own pace. Our programme focuses heavily on allowing you to identify your true potential and use personal insights and evidence to guide your career realignment. You’ll be asked to self-reflect, look for patterns, and find your own drivers of future happiness.

Every person holds a unique set of skills, values and motivations. No two careers will look the same, because no two lives or people look the same. While our course is designed to help guide you through your individual process, one-on-one coaching can help you gain even deeper clarity to actualise change in your career.

Melissa is a highly-trained expert in career coaching, and has helped hundreds of professionals across a range of industries build careers that they love. An outsider can often see things that you can’t. Coaching gives you the safe space you need to begin your work transformation. You can purchase coaching sessions with Melissa (or others in the team) separately to the online programme.

That’s great! Career to Love isn’t always about starting a new career or quitting your current position. It can simply be about gaining clarity on the pathway you are in, and what the stages are in progressing your craft - either in your existing company, or in another - or starting your own!  For some people, realigning their career might mean moving on from a dysfunctional company, but for others it means restructuring the way they are working, navigating a better path within their current organisation, or gaining clarity on what they want to achieve next, so they have the confidence to negotiate what they need with their employer