Where did all the play go?

Recently I was fortunate to be a coach at a design thinking workshop (thank you Thinkplace). As part of the learning for the executives, we brought in 20 school children (ages 8-12) to work on a project to ‘imagine a better community for everyone’.

Their ability to build, create and work together on something quite abstract and ambitious – whilst playing and supporting each other – was remarkable to watch.

It got me thinking.. What is it about work that teaches us to ‘un-learn’ creativity and blocks us from becoming all we can be? Why have we systematically created environments that stifle our ability to imagine a better future for ourselves and our organisation?

These questions were part of the reason why I founded START NOW. I want to help people who are frustrated, stuck and know they have ‘another act to play’ in the chapter of their lives, to get there. You don’t have to stay where you are – you have two choices. Change where you are, or change who you are.

START NOW’s purpose is to help us find our way back to our childhood dreams and make them a reality.

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