The beliefs that guide me


Safety & confidentiality are baseline.

I meet all kinds of people in my work, and the one thing that I watch out for immediately, is your personal safety. If I think you are in a situation that you need to get out of for your own mental, emotional or physical health I will tell you. And all that we discuss and share is 100% confidential. You have to feel safe with me, in order for me to help you.


Empathy isn't assumed, its earned.

Empathy sits at the heart of learning and growth. By allowing me to build trust with you and fully understand what you are struggling with and why, I have a greater chance of unlocking real and meaningful change for you. When I ask you questions, it is in the service of gaining empathy. The more I am able to truly know you through understanding, the faster we can move.


Nothing comes, without action.

If I’ve learned one thing in life, it’s that you have to take action quickly. It may feel at times that I am pushing you to ‘do stuff’ – this is because without action, there is no progress. I embrace design thinking and the philosophy of ‘try and learn’ – by taking small steps, you will figure out if you are on the right track. The only way coaching works, is if both parties put in equal effort. I will bring my wisdom and tools – if you bring courage and grit. Lets try new stuff together!


The answer isn't in me, it's in you.

I’m not in the business of selling dreams, nor am I going to ‘give you the answer’. Sorry. The reason for this is simple – the answer has to come from you. All I can do is shine a light on the things that I think will help you make the right choices, for you. And guide you to those gently. I do have a lot of wisdom to share – so if you want me to give you advice, you can ask me for it. But I prefer to help you discover the right path and direction for you, as that way, you will have a greater chance at succeeding in achieving it.


Courage, curiosity & creativity can be learned.

Don’t worry. You may be feeling like this is just going to be one heck of a scary personal encounter. It may be, but I bet it’s much more than that – it will be a fun, creative, wild ride of learning and discovery. My methods are primarily creative – because when we get creative, we get playful, and we tap into the side of our brains that are less ‘pattern based’. From being creative, we will learn the curiosity and wonder. And from wonder comes courage to take action. Let’s have some fun together!