Choosing your PATHWAY

Start Now - campervan drives through the desert

Evaluate different ways of working and figure out which works best for you, and design a career pathway.

Setting your VISION

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Develop a VISION for your new lifestyle, and define where & how work fits into that

Defining your PURPOSE

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Design & define your WHY for your life – and what you most need from your work going forwards.

Your Values & Personality

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Reset your values and understand your individual personality type, and what this means for your work choices.


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Discover which Causes matter most to you and how this impacts where you choose to work.


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Unpack your individual skills to understand your true capability enabling you to pivot or change careers.

Generate New Ideas

sparking lightbulk generating new ideas with start now career courses

Generate new ideas and then reduce them to the one most likely to work, using a scorecard approach

Making a Decision

cartoon woman walking through door after making a decision with start now career course

Narrow down your options and make a decision with confidence, using our unique score-card method.

Evaluate your Risks

evaluating risk with start now career course

Evaluate the risks of your different options to bring confidence to your choices

Crafting your STORY

create your story with start now career course

Craft a new story about all you are capable of, and set yourself apart from your competition.