The puzzle that keeps getting bigger

Design Your Business Workshop - post it notes planning with Career Coach

About 6 years ago I hit the eject button on my corporate career. After decades of making my career my life, I had finally hit a wall and needed a change. To what though? I can honestly say – I had no plan, not much saved for the ‘rainy day’ that had unexpectedly arrived, and […]

How to Unleash Your Organisations Latent & Unique Creativity.

Painted face - How to unleash your organisations creativity with START Now

The world around us is full of all kinds of opportunities for creativity, everyday. There are an increasing number of new problems to solve, and inventions to create. Most of us will – on a daily basis – have new ideas for things to fix or put right. Yet how many of us act on those […]

Want to change your path in life? Live like a lion tracker.

Want to find your path in life? Live like a lion tracker. Insights from Career Coach Melissa Jenner

I was fortunate tonight to join the Wiser Conversation hosted by Derek Handley, and be part of an illuminating interview with Boyd Varty – a Lion Tracker, a Storyteller, and a Life Guide. But he’s not your average life coach – actually not your average human. A wildlife and literacy activist Boyd is also an acclaimed author of Cathedral of […]