Career to Love – Values & Behaviours Cards


One of the most powerful things that drives us subconsciously, are our values.  

Values can broadly be defined as “what we are aspiring to ‘have’ or to ‘be’ in our life”.  We all as humans hold and actively honour at least 5-8 core values. 

Many of us have shared, common human values – such as love, friendship and humour.  But we also have our own individual and personal values – like courage, ambition or humility.  And these are the things that help us make decisions about things that will enable us to be authentic – in work, relationships and in life.  


Do you know what yours are?

What we value – what we believe matters – drives our behaviour.  And guess, what?  They change.  Sometimes consciously but often unknown to us. 

By unpacking what your values (or the behaviours) that matter most to you are – at your core, will help guide you to make good decisions.  And knowing how your values are changing – what you no longer want to value as it holds you back, or what you  want to value more – to propel you forward – is important.

So we’ve made it easy!

We have researched all the core human values, and put them together in this fun pack. You can use these personally, with your friends, children or partner – to determine your core values and how they are changing.  

This can create great inspiration and clarity when you are facing big decisions, such as a new career direction, new partner, or new way of living.  

“This was a great exercise to help bring me clarity on what matters, and prioritise a pathway forwards for me.  I have some options ahead in my career, and sorting these cards helped me choice one option over another”. 

Bronwyn, Christchurch NZ. 

Single set $49 (includes GST+postage)

Double set $90 (includes GST+postage).

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How to use the cards

  1. First, sort your cards into two piles.  The first pile – are values that you don’t think instinctively are you.  The second pile – are values that you relate to and think are important.
  2. Then, sort the values you have chosen into three more piles.
  3. The first – anything you consider to be your CORE values. Things that you have believed in since you were young.  And if you couldn’t be – or have – these behaviours in your life – you wouldn’t be you.  You may have up to 20 to start with.
  4. The second – anything you consider to be your OBSOLETE values.  These are things that will no longer serve you.  They may be holding you back from the change you want.
  5. The third – anything you consider to be your EMERGING values.  These are the things you want to value more.  They will help you grow, change, and propel you into your future.
  6. Now return to your CORE values pile.  You will need to reduce this down to no more than 8-10 cards.  Anymore than this are superfluous, because as humans we cannot actively value more than this.  To help you reduce your cards, group together those that are similar (like learning and growth) and consider – which is ‘the driver’ card – eg if I value this, it will drive the outcome of the other. 

And if you are wondering whether the colours matter – yes they do!  Can you figure out what each colour means?  If not, I’m happy to tell you – chat with me now!

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