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START Now’s purpose is to help people and businesses create more meaningful and sustainable work.

We are proud to work with courageous individuals seeking a new start in their life & career, as well as businesses looking to bring new value to their employees, by helping them craft their own career pathway for internal promotion. 

Start Now Founder and Creator of Career Coaching Masterclass "Build a Career to Love" - Melissa Jenner

Career to Love is a series of individual tools designed to help you get started on planning your career, from whatever life-stage, age, or level you’re at.  Comprising short video guided demonstrations of tools everyone needs clarity on, to make informed choices, and to design change. 

Each episode comprises:

Self Discovery

  • Are your values changing, and you want work that aligns?
  • Are you ready for a change in lifestyle, but don’t want to sacrifice your income?
  • Is figuring out what you’re great at, making you feel anxious?

Don’t worry, you are perfectly normal. Solving a complex problem like ‘lifestyle reinvention’ is actually really hard.

So here’s how you start; with knowing yourself really well.  As humans, we are constantly changing.  So we need to stop and self-reflect before taking action to ensure the choices we make, will work for who we are becoming. 

These tools are critical to informing your career – and life plan.  They bring you all the insights you need to make good decisions.  Don’t set off on your journey without a roadmap. 

Melissa Jenner
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Setting your VISION

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Unpacking your EXPERIENCES

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Defining your PURPOSE

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Your Values & Personality

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Determining Your NEEDS

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  • Are you wondering what else you could do, but struggling to make choices?
  • Do you have an idea, but are worried about the risks?
  • Are you wanting to work differently, but don’t know what your options are?

There’s a saying “ideas are easy, execution is hard”.  Never more true in the case of your career. 

If you’d like to evaluate what options might be right for you in your future – either inside your current firm, or another – and feel confident you are making the right decision, then these tools are perfectly designed for you.

You will get the chance to generate ideas, evaluate them, and put them into a career ‘pathway’.  The aim is to ‘de-risk’ your decision making by giving you practical ways to evaluate your many future options so you can move forward with confidence about your choices. 

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Choosing your PATHWAY

sparking lightbulk generating new ideas with start now career courses

Generate New Ideas

cartoon woman walking through door after making a decision with start now career course

Making a Decision

evaluating risk with start now career course

Evaluate your Risks


  • Does the thought of getting out onto the job market fill you with dread?
  • Do you need a better ‘story’ about your capabilities but don’t know how to craft one?
  • Do you need help re-writing your CV and brushing up on your interview skills?


Let’s face it, pushing yourself out into the job market is not fun. No-one enjoys it. Because you are essentially ‘selling yourself’ which is hard for most of us. But you know what makes it easier? Having a good story that brings you confidence. And some tools to make you feel courageous about making that first contact.

This toolbox comprises easy to follow guidelines for getting you ready to ‘market yourself’- making contact with people and telling your story in a way thats authentic, and brings you the clarity and confidence you need to secure that next opportunity. 


Melissa Jenner
create your story with start now career course

Crafting your STORY

puzzel piece being put into place after targeting the opportunity with start now career course

TARGETING your opportunity

sharp cv resume created in the start now career course

Making CONTACT with an employer

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Preparing for an INTERVIEW

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