Is START NOW for you?

START NOW is designed to help people committed to find more meaning from their career. It is ideally suited to people who are looking for a new direction – whether that means starting in a new role, a new company, industry or even starting your own business – START NOW enables you to decide which path is right for you. We partner with people who are:

  • Committed to change
  • Comfortable collaborating with others throughout the process
  • Able to embrace creativity and have an open-mindset
  • Likely still working, but actively planning a change and needing certainty of direction
  • Looking for an alternative to coaching that is biased towards action and provides a tangible outcome
  • Senior professionals with a desire to avoid risk when it comes to making a career transition.

“START NOW was an incredibly rewarding and valuable experience. The creativity and collaboration throughout the entire process made it fun and enjoyable. I gained numerous insights about myself and was instilled with confidence from my stakeholders. It has given me tools and guidelines I can take forward with me to actively seek a meaningful career. Initially feeling confused and overwhelmed, START NOW has given me clarity for my new pathway and I am left empowered and excited for my next steps”. Lawyer, 32