Marieke has over 20 years experience working across the globe (London, New York, Singapore, Japan) in strategy, business transformation and leading organisations through transformational process and cultural change. She worked primarily in Investment Banking (UBS, Banque Paribas) when based overseas before returning to New Zealand to work for Fonterra and Air New Zealand. More recently she has been working with SMEs to build their businesses commercially and culturally.

Marieke has;

  • A passion for New Zealand to be a leader in using design thinking for human innovation
  • Strong belief that you can create sustainable businesses which contribute to the wider community in which they operate, whilst giving your employees the ability to evolve their careers
  • Experience as a Business Advisor and Executive Coach, who is passionate about the potential of people to do more in their careers and with their businesses, incorporating their passions and skills to create something they love to get up in the morning for
  • Expert strategist and facilitator, who also works with SMEs to grow their businesses in a more sustainable humanistic fashion

Marieke left corporate life behind in 2017 because she wanted more from her career and felt that the traditional way in which people worked no longer matched her personal purpose. She is an advocate for design thinking having used it in her corporate roles and upon meeting Melissa Jenner and hearing about START Now’s approach to re-designing careers, she made the decision to partner with her on developing the Human Innovation service.