Career – purpose

STARTNow: Purpose

“This workshop gave me encouragement, guidance and helped me define my value and direction really succinctly. I now have a plan I can move forward with.”

- Alison, 41


Purpose is ideal if you are unhappy in your role and anxious about change. You may not have a definite idea what you want to do next, but know you need to do something. You need help understanding what drives you and will bring you more meaning in work – and a boost forward!


Finding your purpose and understanding your true value is hard to do on your own, and much harder without a process. Given we spend 1/3 of our life working, knowing your purpose and value is a critical tool to help you make decisions about your future. If you don’t know what will make you happy, or what hasn’t worked in the past – how do you know what to jump into next? Finding meaning and happiness from your work is something everyone deserves, and this helps set you up.


You will have clarity on what your core values and beliefs are and how this manifests in finding work happiness;

You will understand your latent and true skills in a way that can be marketed uniquely;

You will understand what you need going forward from work, and what you don’t need;

You will know what could de-rail you or pain-points to manage going forward;

You will understand why you work, and what brings you meaning.


A three hour facilitated and personalised workshop. You’ll receive an output document that covers:

Your values, beliefs, what brings you joy and meaning

Unpack your skills - current, latent and sleeping

Develop a needs statement for your future work

Exploration of the things you need to manage such as self-limiting beliefs or opportunities


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