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STARTNow: Design

“This was an extremely enjoyable and robust process, that helped me get grounded in the real issues and how to manage the risk and navigate through my chosen solution.”

- Justine, 49


Design is ideal for senior executives who are looking to make a transformational change in their career, or are facing risk by leaving what they are doing. You have a sense of what you could do but need help validating ideas and bringing stakeholders on the journey of change.


Making a big transformational shift in your career is extremely hard to do on your own, and almost impossible without a robust process. We call this Human Innovation - your ability to reinvent yourself safely into something highly commercial. Leveraging the experience of trained HCD practitioners and following a well documented global best practice methodology, we help give you the confidence you need to start moving forward.


Personalised, facilitated 9-hour process of human innovation with a trained expert;

Gain deep empathy from those around you of your personal value proposition and how to leverage it to create a new working asset;

Facilitated sessions to discover and evaluate multiple future pathways, with a score-carding methodology that reduces options to those most likely to succeed;

A 3 horizon activity plan to set you on your path, that embraces prototyping and experimentation;

A documented outcome of your design process, insights and actions.


Three x three hour facilitated workshops, where we will:

Evaluate through insights your personal value statement

Generate and reduce a broad range of ideas using ideation and evaluation tools

Concept sketch out the chosen direction (whether a new role, business or combination)

Develop a 3 horizon action plan to guide you on the steps to take to avoid risk


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