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STARTNow: Activate

“That was a perfect creative session to get me going on my idea. We have come up with a winner and I’m so excited to take it forward. Thanks for the creativity and input.”

- Simon, 52


Activate is designed for people who are preparing to take the leap into starting their own business. You will likely have one or more ideas you are working on and need help going from an idea to a concept to a first iteration of your business model. You want to lower your risk and increase your confidence.


Starting your own business is hard. You need a good process and inputs from others to get your idea out of your head and into reality. Human-Centred Design offers the worlds greatest innovation methodology and our facilitators are highly trained. We embrace concept development, testing, prototyping and storyboarding to help bring you confidence that your idea can work – or fail it fast – so you aren’t left with costly mistakes or regrets about ‘I wonder if?”


You will use world-class tools and methodologies that are repeatable;

You will concept sketch out your idea and test it on possible users;

You will learn the art of prototyping to eliminate failures and maximise your chance of success;

You will learn how to take your idea into a business model sketch, and know what your action plan is to get the business model live over a timeframe that works for you.


A three hour facilitated workshop (either personalised or in a group) where we will:

Develop a concept and storyboard of your idea

Run an initial test and iterate the concept

Learn the art of prototyping to ‘fail-fast’ and iterate your concept to the next resolution

Build a business sketch plan including action steps to work on.


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